Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rustic Barn Doors

Anyone wanna know why I haven't gotten my Bookshelf Tree done yet? Because my most dearest, bestest friend bought a house & needed our help!!! Mr. Awesomepants to the rescue!!
Don't get me wrong, her house is totally awesome, even without our help, but she had one minor issue; Her laundry room is off her kitchen, and there was NO DOOR to hide it! Here's a picture that I snagged from her Facebook page that shows the archway. (Sidenote: I am IN LOVE with her granite!!!!!)

Totally crazy, right? Oh well, no problem, easy fix. She loves the rustic look, so swinging barn doors were the perfect solution. Since it's an archway, and wasn't intended for doors, we're gonna get a little fancy!! ;)
So here's what we did, in case you wanna get fancy too!

Measure the archway. Or breakdown a box, trace the arch and cut it out. I preferred the latter.

Now gather your 1X4 boards and begin gluing them together, then clamp to dry for about 30 minutes.
Since we are doing two swinging doors, they ended up being 5 boards wide. Here they are being glued together. The horizontal board on the top isn't attached yet. As you're gluing, you may notice that your boards are bowed and aren't laying flat & flush together. Totally normal. Tell your Mr. Awesome to use his big boy muscles and force them to flatten then quickly clamp them together to hold. We also used big rocks to keep them down while drying.

After about 2 hours of work waiting for the door planks to dry, here's what we ended up with on day 1. Check back tonight to see the semi-end result. 

UPDATE: May 7, 2013
Mr. Awesomepants and my BFF's hubby got the doors completely constructed today! YAY! They added the signature, barn door "X", using 1X3's and cut the arch using a jigsaw. 

The hardware isn't attached, just laid on top of the doors to preview what it will look like. The next step is sanding and staining. Mr. Awesomepants and I are leaving that up to them though. It's time to get back to work on our bookshelf tree!! But don't worry, I will definitely post a picture of their progress too!! 

OH! And while we're talking about her new awesome house, here's a picture of the house warming gift we got her!  

It was full of all kind of goodies for a new homeowner, such as Goo Gone, batteries, a hammer, wood glue, super glue, nails, screws, a squeegee for the shower, etc. So fun!


  1. I loved the wooden doors that you made. Carpentry is not my field but I always wanted to do it. It is not easy but quite fun is there in this work. I like the article. Thank you for sharing and keep writing, Jessica.

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    1. Thanks so much, Bruce! I wish I could take credit, but my husband is the one with all the talent!!! I'm just the director ;) I'm lucky to have him to execute my ideas!!