Monday, April 15, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Playhouse Edition

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! Since finishing the built in's back in NOVEMBER, we have been going NON STOP! I would say that Christmas got us busy, but that'd be a lie. Honestly, the love of my life turned 2 on April 6, and I spent every bit of my extra time, since Christmas, planning her big Toy Story birthday bash! 
We had a great time! And even though my little Buzz Lightyear isn't smiling, it's only because I made her stop playing for a quick picture!! I can't believe time has flown by so fast! 

So, during my hiatus, I didn't completely give up my DIY project addiction. Instead, I chose small and quick projects to keep my withdrawl symptoms at a minimum. One of my favorites was our Little Tikes playhouse Makeover. My mom found this gem for me on a local facebook "Beg, Barter, Buy & Sell" group for only $20.00!

These groups are a great way to find awesome deals AND be able to see the profile of the person you intend to purchase from. Unlike craigslist, you are able to make a judgement call on whether or not they are a total sideshow or not. Safety first, people! ;)

With a little bit of Valspar Plastic Paint, we turned the dirty and unkempt playhouse into THIS:
The entire project took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. Since I decided that I wanted a two tone effect, I had to blue tape everything!  Pain in the rear end, but totally worth it. Mr. Awesome and I plan to make her a concrete paver foundation and possibly put a few flowers around it in our backyard! I will keep you all updated on the progress! If anyone else completes a project like this, I'd love to see it!

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