Laundry Room

I'm baaaack. But not for long. We have started on our next DIY project, and can't wait to share with all of you, but it will be a while before that happens. Awww, sad face. Until then, here's a past project that we have done! Our itty bitty laundry room!
Here is our before picture:

No storage space, ridiculous & totally pointless wire rack (FREAKING HATE THAT THING), and clutter. I despise clutter, but I sure seem to have a lot of it. 

Here's the after:
Oooooo, ahhhhhh. 
Now, here's what we did! As far as the cabinets, Mr. Awesomepants bought two pre-made, unfinished cabinets from Lowes & painted them white. During that same trip to Lowe's, we spotted TWO humungous sheets of wainscoting that were covered in scuff marks, no scratches, just scuffs, listed at $2.00 a piece. SCORE! They just needed a little paint & they'd be perfect! He cut the wainscoting to size and glued them to the inside of the cabinet door & caulked to finish! Instant wow factor. 
Then he found some scrap MDF in the garage, cut it to size and made the top piece as well as the center shelf, and again, painted them white. He added crown all the way along the top, and moulding around the bottom of the cabinets and along the shelf to give it a finished, crisp look. 
The cabinet in the middle, well, we just got lucky. We took a chance when we bought it, hoping it would fit & it did (Thank you, Jesus)! That cabinet didn't come with a top, as most don't so initially we thought we'd just put some of the white shelf board on top. Ummmm, newsflash, those are like $20. Okay, okay, maybe we are cheapskates. But hey, I don't skimp on what matters. So... back to the garage! We found some spare wood & covered it with white vinyl. (I think that's what it's called. It's the stuff you generally line your shelves, and cabinets with, to protect it.) It worked perfectly, only cost $2 & is super easy to wipe down. Win Win! 

It's a great laundry room & extremely functional. But guess what? I'm not done. Mr. Awesomepants & I bought a brand new front loading washer & dryer that opened up a world of ideas & options including a countertop, backsplash & old metal pipes. Poor Mr. Awesomepants. Stay tuned for the next update. Until then, have a relaxing and SAFE Memorial Day!


  1. Can you tell me where you bought the skinny cabinet between the washer and dryer?